Spring time in the Kirker Hills

Photographer: Scott Hein


Wildlife and Open Space photos of the Concord Naval Weapons Station




Beautiful powerpoint slide show with owls

Turn up your speakers and watch and listen to this beautiful show. Within the photographs is one of the reasons why we must continue to fight for the appropriate plan for the development of the Concord Naval Weapons Station. Some if the species within this slide show are inhabitants there. We need to preserve as much habitat as possible for their continued presence. They are regal and honorable neighbors among us and opportunities for their continued existence deserve as much of our vigilance as they deserve our respect. Click here to download show and run on your PowerPoint program. File is a large one so please be patient


Scott Hein, an incredable nature photographer has allowed us to link to his photo gallery of the NWS. He has spent countless hours hiking and taking photos of the property. Gallery.